Jerry Petruska: Rousseau, Synonymous with Quality

When someone discovers Rousseau products, they often integrate them into more than one aspect of their life. Such was the case for Mr. Jerry Petruska. This is his experience with Rousseau.


Renovate the work area in Jerry Petruska's home garage


Create a stunning work space

Rousseau Solution

Rousseau products provide a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. It is not uncommon for those who use Rousseau products at work to be so happy with the products that that they also want them in their homes. This was the case for Mr. Jerry Petruska. Based in Calgary, he owns two manufacturing workshops and has shares in a number of motorcycle shops. Three years ago, they built a new branch and fitted it with Rousseau workbenches and toolboxes for their service and parts departments. Having seen first-hand how well the products performed, he knew that Rousseau was the right choice for his home garage.

So Mr. Petruska approached Waymarc Industries, the same Rousseau specialist that had worked on his company project previously. Mr. Petruska mentioned how satisfied he had been with the expertise provided by Waymarc: "They were really good. They came out to my shop and took measurements. They helped me design the benches and cabinets. It was a great help. On top of that, the installation guys did a really good job." The Rousseau product specialists bring added value to each project and provide a service that would not be possible without them. They make sure that the best possible solution is found for a stunning garage.

Rousseau products can be personalized and solve each customer's unique challenges. For Mr. Petruska, he needed more space for storage and for working on his hobby of fixing up cars and bikes. The solution was to choose R toolboxes with stainless steel work surfaces, combined with vertical storage.

With Rousseau products, functionality and durability go hand in hand with stylish design. As well as a choice of 20 standard colors, great emphasis is placed on all the details and aesthetics of each product. With different color combinations, products can be customized according to individual tastes so that the finished garage reflects the personality of its owner. Mr. Petruska chose yellow for his garage so that the cabinets harmonized with the color of his car. The look, the quality, and the competitive pricing all caught the attention of this car enthusiast. "Rousseau has great products at competitive prices. I also appreciate that everything is made in Canada," explained Mr. Petruska.

His experience is further proof that when you choose Rousseau, your expectations are always met, often surpassed, and you will be the proud owner of quality products, made in North America.