Multi-Level Shelving

Multi-level shelves are particularly practical personalized solutions for increasing storage capacity without increasing the floor area.

Expertise that leaves nothing to chance

Expertise that leaves nothing to chance


Experiencing lack of space? Before building on an addition, consider Rousseau multi-level shelving. It allows you to increase efficiency by using the space you already have to its maximum: in height, width and depth.

Our specialists will suggest solutions to get around all of the obstacles in your path: construction support beams, columns, doors, ventilation conduits, etc.

We know that finding space for storing parts presents a considerable challenge in automotive dealerships. Before you embark on an expansion project, consider Rousseau multilevel shelving. By combining our Spider® shelving and mini-racking systems with drawers in shelving, you can maximize use of available floor space and store as many parts as possible in as small a space as possible.

Our multilevel shelving solution adapts to your specific needs. Our specialists will consider the type of inventory you have, how your department operates, as well as the standards and recommendations for your seismic zone. Nothing is ignored with this comprehensive solution.

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Rousseau Solution

Rousseau Multi-Level Solutions


Today I don’t know what size parts we’re going to be needing. This system right here is very flexible. If I need bigger locations, I can make it with bigger locations. If I need more drawer space, I can always add more drawers.

-John Sarnecki, FL