Specialized Cabinets

Our specialists will help you configure specialized toolboxes incorporating visual identification for tools and parts to help make your dealership as organized and efficient as possible.

A tailor-made cabinet

Tools are expensive, especially specialized tools used in dealerships. Costs are especially high when poor storage increases the risk of losing them. Rousseau's specialized cabinets are the best solution for minimizing these risks and in turn guaranteeing the best possible service to your customers.

How does it all work? First, a Rousseau specialist works with you to identify what tools need to be stored and their dimensions. Next, the Rousseau specialist configures each of the cabinet's drawers to maximize the width, depth and height of each compartment according to the tools to be stored. Labels are then designed to clearly identify the contents of each compartment. A high level of customization is available, allowing you to brand the cabinets with your company's name and/or colors. Finally, once your dealership's representative and the Rousseau specialist have agreed on how each drawer will be configured, the cabinet is manufactured and assembled by Rousseau. As soon as it arrives, it's ready to store your tools!

Contact us if you want to learn more about our specialized cabinets.