Do you need replacement keys or locks? In order to help you, we need a few details from you. Please answer these 3 questions before contacting us.

Question 1: Do you still have the key?

Yes: Contact us and tell us the number written on the key as well as how many replacement keys you need.

No: Check to see if there is a number on the lock. If so, contact us and tell us the number written on the lock as well as how many replacement keys you need. If not, proceed to step 2.

Question 2: What type of cabinet do you have?

There are two ways of identifying your cabinet. First, you can watch this video to identify your cabinet. Once you are sure of what generation and type of cabinet (heavy-duty, compact) you have, contact customer service.

Still unable to identify your cabinet? Contact customer service with the following details ready:

  • Is your cabinet locked or unlocked?
  • What are the external dimensions of your cabinet (in inches)?
  • Are the handles the same width as the drawer or shorter?
  • Are the drawer handle ends at a 45-degree angle or at right angles?
  • Is the lock located on the right or in the center of the cabinet?
  • Do you have the serial number? This number is located in the top left of the cabinet interior. To find it, remove the top drawers and look inside the cabinet. If your cabinet is locked, you can ignore this question.

You can also send us a photo of your cabinet so we can identify it.

Question 3: What do you need?

When you contact us please tell us what you need:

A new cylinder for the lock?
A new lock?
A new locking mechanism?
Locking Mechanism

Our customer service will then let you know what your ordering options are for the generation of cabinet you have.

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