Regardless of the job, every facility staff member can benefit from a workstation whether it be for assembly, repair, production, or just having an organized personal space for tools and other belongings.

Workstations are excellent solutions for providing areas for staff to have their own space while remaining near their tasks throughout the facility. They can be as simple or as complex as needed providing many different arrangements and add-ons.

But how complex do these work areas need to be? Do you need to outfit your staff with every workspace tool in the book or will they benefit from a basic solution that provides enough functionality for simple tasks?

Have no fear we are here to help in answering these questions as well as providing information on all the things that can be accomplished with workstations, no matter how complex!

Rousseau’s solutions when it comes to implementing workbenches for your staff.


A basic all-purpose workbench can be the perfect cost-efficient solution for staff that only require a bench for basic tasks. These workbenches can either be stationary, adjustable, or mobile if they are needed to be moved to different areas of the facility.

Additions to a basic all-purpose workbench can be sliding cabinet doors, drawers, compact cabinets, or even heavy-duty cabinets and drawers that can be added under the table to provide additional storage, separation, and security if need be.


Does your staff need a space with electrical outlets to plug in powered devices or tools? Then an electronics workbench is going to be the addition to the workbench for this purpose.

This adds an electronics section above the workbench table that is outfit with plugs for staff to plug in their computers, devices, and other tools. These workbenches can also be outfitted with the same storage receptacles as basic all-purpose benches such as drawers and cabinets.


For staff in need of a space for packing items, assembling/disassembling, or just general production a focus on workstations with additional above-table storage come into play.

These workstations can still be outfit with the same as your basic all-purpose workstation, however there is more of a focus on additional shelving, peg boards, bins, totes, computer mounts, and LED lights.

These additions are added above the table in order to provide ergonomic access to any items your staff may need, as well as the additional lighting making it easier to see what they are working on or packing up!


For applications where space utilization may be of upmost importance, or the workstation needs to be positioned near aisle of shelving storage an end-of-aisle workstation is the best solution.

This workstation consists of different dimensions than the traditional all-purpose workstation but can be outfitted in a variety of ways much the same as its all-purpose counterpart.

The additions made to this workstation entirely depend on its use! Above table shelves, bins, and mounts can be added for ergonomic picking and utilization, while below table drawers or shelves can be added for additional storage.


The largest and most advanced workstation is the maintenance & repair workstation. This solution is a great fit for applications where staff are constantly at their workstation assembling, repairing, using their computer/tablet, or working on general production tasks.

With a larger facility footprint this workbench can fit much more into it including shelving, cabinets, and drawers adjacent and under the table, while monitors, mounts, bins, peg boards, and other organization containers can be outfit above the table.

This workstation is truly the perfect fit for high-usage environments!


While there are many different workstations to pick from, the choice ultimately comes down to what you and your staff need. What are your staff members doing daily at their stations? Where could they be more efficient while at these stations?

These are some questions that are good to answer while looking for new workstation solutions!

Thanks to Bode Equipment for sharing this article. The original article is available at the following link: Personalizing Your Workstations From Top to Bottom | Bode Equipment Company