Do you want to organize your drawers and store your tools tidily? Rousseau offers various solutions to divide your drawers and help you gain in efficiency and productivity.

This article is the second in a series on subdividing and is only applicable to L compact drawers. L drawers have a load capacity of 100 pounds each and the housings are always 18" wide.This article gives advice about subdividing using metal dividers and partitions.

It features two subdividing options with a section dedicated to each of these options.

Option 1 – Preconfigured drawers to get up and running quickly
Option 2 – Personalization for more control

Whichever option you choose, you need to determine the size of your drawers. At Rousseau we use the nominal size of the drawers as a reference.

To find the nominal width and depth of your drawer, measure the inside dimensions and refer to the chart below. The dimensions in blue correspond to the nominal width and depth of your drawer and are the dimensions to use at all times.

Interior Depth Interior Width
18" 18"W x 21"D
24" 18"W x 27"D

You also need to determine the nominal height of your drawer. This corresponds to the external height of the front of the drawer. For L drawers, the dimensions available are the following: 3’’, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’, 8’’ and 12’’.

Do you have all the information you need? Now refer to the section corresponding to what subdividing option you have chosen.


Option 1 – Preconfigured drawers to get up and running quickly

Look up the possible configurations on our website at the following link: Select the dimensions of your drawer and the configurations will then appear. You then just need to choose the desired configuration and specify the height of the drawer. The SKU must begin with an "L" as highlighted in yellow in the example below. You can request a quote immediately by clicking on "Request a quote."


Compartmentalization Order

The red rectangle indicates where to find the product code. The green rectangle indicates where to select the drawer height.

Note: If you do not want to request a quote immediately and only want to note down the code for later, you will need to complete the code manually. For example, the code L00BD-A0102_ in the previous example would become L00BD-A010203 for 3" high drawers.


Option 2 – Personalization for more control

You can also create your own configuration with individual dividers. With this option, you also need to determine the dimensions of your drawers.

Once you have found the right dimensions, you can create your drawer compartments. Our Subdividing Help document contains empty drawer graphics for each dimension to help you.

Here are the sizes and codes for the metal dividers/partitions available.

Front to Back Partition

Nominal Depth (Partition Depth) Nominal Height (Partition Height)
3" (1 5/8") 4" (2 5/8") 5" (3 5/8") 6" (4 5/8") 8" (6 5/8") 12" (8 5/8")
21" (18") LG02-2103 LG02-2104 LG02-2105 LG02-2106 LG02-2108 LG02-2110
27" (24") LG02-2703 LG02-2704 LG02-2705 LG02-2706 LG02-2708 LG02-2710



Divider Width Nominal Height (Divider Height)
(1 5/8")
(2 5/8")
(3 5/8")
(4 5/8")
(6 5/8")
(8 5/8")
3" RG10-03003 RG10-03004 RG10-03005 RG10-03006 RG10-03008 RG10-03010
5" RG10-05003 RG10-05004 RG10-05005 RG10-05006 RG10-05008 RG10-05010
6" RG10-06003 RG10-06004 RG10-06005 RG10-06006 RG10-06008 RG10-06010
7 1/2" RG10-07503 RG10-07504 RG10-07505 RG10-07506 RG10-07508 RG10-07510
9" RG10-09003 RG10-09004 RG10-09005 RG10-09006 RG10-09008 RG10-09010
10" RG10-10003 RG10-10004 RG10-10005 RG10-10006 RG10-10008 RG10-10010
12" RG10-12003 RG10-12004 RG10-12005 RG10-12006 RG10-12008 RG10-12010
15" RG10-15003 RG10-15004 RG10-15005 RG10-15006 RG10-15008 RG10-15010

The following image shows you the size of the compartments created using metal dividers. You can then note the space taken up by the divider and subtract it to get the size of the compartments.

Compartment Dimensions


This article only deals with creating compartments with metal dividers for L compact drawers. However, Rousseau offers other configuration options and other drawer accessories. These include plastic bins, groove trays, foam, and file holders. Subdividing with plastic bins will be the subject of a future article.