CSSS de Laval: Maximized use of space

Storage of hospital equipment poses certain challenges. For the operating room equipment of CSSS de Laval, Rousseau products offered the extra storage they needed, without compromising the security of the equipment.


The hospital needed to maximize storage space for its operating room equipment, which needed a sterile environment.


Optimize storage space and create an ergonomic space able to maintain product sterility.

Rousseau solution

The Centre de santé et services sociaux de Laval is one of the largest healthcare centers in Quebec. It has a hospital with an integrated cancer center, four CLSCs (local community service centers), five reception centers and an integrated primary care center. The need to expand storage space for the operating rooms had been growing for some time. Nathalie Deslauriers, a sterilization worker, explained that the CSSS needed to optimize its storage spaces. One of the challenges was how to ensure operating room equipment remained sterile. The storage solution therefore needed to provide some protection for the equipment. In addition, Ms. Deslauriers noted that ergonomics was very important for the welfare of medical staff.

She found out about Rousseau products through a call for tenders. Mr. Jean Verville, a specialist in the healthcare field for Les produits d'entreposage Pedlex, met with staff of CSSS de Laval to understand what their requirements were. He visited the premises to assess the available space and architectural considerations. He then put forward a storage solution that consisted mainly of Spider® shelving with drawers and some mobile cabinets.

Combining shelving with drawers in a hybrid system maximizes use of space and avoids the kind of wasted space found in typical shelving-only units. Drawers can be used to compartmentalize items on a size basis, and this makes finding and identifying items a much easier task. They also provide a closed environment, which is a safer and more secure storage solution. Furthermore, drawers offer easier access for medical staff.

The shelving was customized for the specific requirements of CSSS de Laval. For example, SH posts were selected for their smooth surface. Front bases and sloped tops were also added. These three options were chosen to limit places where dust could accumulate, which could compromise the cleanliness of surgical products. Every element was considered to help maintain as sterile an environment as possible. Mobile cabinets were also added to help move equipment around.

The project was completed without a hitch. As Jean Verville explained: "The major challenge of this project was keeping a sterile environment, even during installation." In fact, the installation team had to wear special clothes as they assembled the shelving.

The solution provided by Mr. Verville seems to have been a big hit with CSSS de Laval. Ms. Deslauriers notes that Rousseau products have created a "more pleasant work environment." She also praised the durability, reliability and attractive design of the products.