L100 Smart Lock

Forget keys and hard-to-remember codes. The L100 lock uses NFC technology and Bluetooth to provide you with a truly smart lock.



You can simply approach an NFC transponder or use the app on your phone to instantly unlock your unit. The lock is compatible with most cabinets and doors manufactured by Rousseau. The L100 also saves access history so you can keep track of activity. You can view the access logs in the app or on the online portal.

The benefits:
1 : Handy unlocking via a transponder or smartphone
2 : Easy lock and access rights management via a mobile app or the web
3 : Protection against dust and water sprays (certified IP65)
4 : Long-life batteries and easy to replace

To find out more about the L100, explore:
The brochure
The user manual
The setup video

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