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There is a lot of interesting things to learn about Rousseau besides our products. Whether it is about our history or our values, our partnerships or our actions vis-à-vis a healthy and ecological production, we wish to be able to answer all your questions!


Rousseau Metal Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality products for 70 years. Over the years we have become known as a leader in storage solutions. The quality, durability and reliability of our products have earned them a reputation as being among the best in the industry.

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Why Choose rousseau

What are the facts that differentiate Rousseau from other companies? Why choose us instead of another? Our flexibility, innovative design and the quality of our products are just a few reasons to trust us! Come and learn more in this section!

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Values & Mission

We are recognized as an industry leader for our creativity, expertise and continued dedication to developing innovative, differentiated, value-added products that are true solutions to our customers' requirements. To achieve our goals, our values guide Rousseau's decisions and activities.

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case studies

Build quality, durability and versatility are just some of the many strengths of Rousseau storage solutions. If you want to know how Rousseau products can meet the unique needs of your industry, see how Rousseau has risen to the challenge in our various case studies.

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For over 70 years, Rousseau has distinguished itself from other manufacturers by cultivating lasting relationships with its customers. Rather than just sales, the company has always valued partnerships first and foremost. Read our customers' comments to see what makes Rousseau distinctive.

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Awards & certifications

Over the years, the quality of Rousseau products and excellence of the company's business practices have been recognized through various certifications and membership in industrial and automotive organizations.

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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Rousseau is proud to present the organizations that it maintains solid and trustworthy partner relationships with and also the organizations that it supports in different ways to help bring about their projects.

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Sustainable development

Rousseau is constantly seeking to minimize its environmental footprint. By choosing Rousseau, you are choosing a responsible and environmentally conscious manufacturer. Discover why here.

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