Mining & Natural Resources

Heavy-duty, secure and safe, Rousseau products meet the standards required for all types of mines and provide the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each company.

Choose the ultimate in quality and durability

Choose the ultimate in quality and durability

Rousseau products are designed for intensive use and are among the most durable in the industry. They are therefore the ideal choice for the mining and natural resources industries.

To maximize the limited space of warehouses and stockrooms, we offer solutions combining shelving, mini-racking and drawers in shelving, allowing you to recover up to 70% of floor space. And you can also make use of the height of your buildings by filling the vertical space with multi-level shelving.

For maintenance of industrial vehicles, our heavy-duty toolboxes ensure work can be carried out efficiently and safely. Our drawers boast the best durability on the market and support a vast range of accessories for optimal organization. We have a solution for all your requirements!

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Because we have all our parts organized, we realized that we had much more parts than we thought. We are running our business better.

-Darrell Sharp, PA

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