Multi-Level Shelving

Multilevel shelving is a customized and extremely practical solution for increasing storage capacity without increasing the amount of floor surface used.

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Expertise that leaves nothing to chance

Expertise that leaves nothing to chance


Experiencing lack of space? Before building on an addition, consider Rousseau multi-level shelving. It allows you to increase efficiency by using the space you already have to its maximum: in height, width and depth.

Our specialists will suggest solutions to get around all of the obstacles in your path: construction support beams, columns, doors, ventilation conduits, etc.

Rousseau's multilevel shelving is an ideal solution if you have limited space. The versatility of multilevel shelving and Spider® mini-racking lets you make use of vertical space, as well as depth and width. For even more storage, combine multilevel shelving with our drawers for shelving.

Various configurations are available: catwalk shelving, high-rise shelving and deck-over-shelving. Our specialists will work with you to determine the best option for your situation and help define your storage needs.

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Rousseau Solution

Rousseau Multi-Level Solutions


Today I don’t know what size parts we’re going to be needing. This system right here is very flexible. If I need bigger locations, I can make it with bigger locations. If I need more drawer space, I can always add more drawers.

-John Sarnecki, FL
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