The strenght of a team : over 380 hearts and minds that come together for success! Everyone's ideas for improvement are shared day by day, at all levels! The details often make all the difference, the more people are engaged, the more we see the details!


Professionals working on behalf of the entire team!

The service departments support all areas of the organization with a personal touch while drawing on their individual expertise.

Our colleagues in administration look after the daily running of the company. Their role includes invoicing, payment collection, and internal and external payments. They ensure the company's finances are well managed.

By constantly staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies, the IT team ensures our computer systems and tools are expertly managed. They also support users and configure the system to provide relevant information for each employee.

By implementing and running a program designed to create a safe environment where employees can enjoy healthy, pleasant and equal-opportunity work conditions, our OD team puts a range of services at our disposal. These services help our employees to attain their daily goals and our company to thrive by attracting people who fit right in.

Quality control upholds our best practices! The success and reputation of a manufacturing company like ours relies on excellent quality control, ongoing process improvements and swift problem resolution.

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