Avion-Cargo: Storage, mobility and security

As aviation students, the Avion Cargo team are already aware of how the aeronautics industry works. They know the importance of having an efficient and safe workspace, so Avion Cargo trusts in Rousseau for its storage solutions.


Many different sized tools needed to be organized in a mobile and secure storage solution. These tools needed to be transported to competition events.


Provide easy access to tools and a secure place to store them.

Rousseau solution

Avion-Cargo ÉTS is a student club that designs and manufactures a remote-controlled cargo aircraft. This aircraft competes in two annual competitions for transporting the largest possible load in flight. Composed of around 30 students from different engineering fields, the club was in need of improved storage. While looking for a solution to this problem, Nabil El Hadj Moussa, head of logistics, turned to Rousseau after recommendations from colleagues.

There were several elements to Avion-Cargo's storage needs. The first was the number of tools to be stored. The drawers needed to cater to tools of many shapes and sizes. This is a common challenge in the aviation field. Rousseau's 5S storage system is very effective in this type of situation. Using customized drawers with different compartments creates a very organized tool storage system.

Furthermore, storing their tools helped the team maximize their available space. This was very valuable for the team because they had to work with very limited space.

Another element noted by Mr. El Hadj Moussa was the need for mobility. The students needed to travel to various competitions and bring their equipment with them. This need for mobility was solved by using mobile cabinets. Avion-Cargo was also very conscious of security for their property, "Security was our primary concern because we have to leave our tools where the competitions take place," explained the head of Avion-Cargo logistics. The cabinets were therefore fitted with locks: an L3 key lock on one cabinet and an L50 electronic lock on the second. The electronic lock uses codes that can be changed as needed. The team can now store their tools securely.

Avion-Cargo is delighted with their Rousseau storage solution. Mr. El Hadj Moussa underlined the durability, reliability and security of their new products, claiming that they "were immediately struck by the high quality of the products."