Davtair industries: Heavy-duty products that stand up to the toughest environments

By installing Rousseau storage systems inside shipping containers, Davtair constructs a value-added solution for National Defence.


A heavy-duty and durable storage solution was needed for the challenging environments of national defense.


Add value to shipping containers by installing Rousseau storage systems inside them.

Rousseau Solution

Davtair Industries is a Canadian company specializing in custom manufactured steel products. Its product line includes heavy-duty shipping and storage containers for the national defense sector. The company wanted to offer its clients a turnkey solution that included a comprehensive storage system. "We needed stationary storage units with drawers to go inside shipping containers for the Canadian armed forces," said Jon Prober, President of Davtair Industries.

Davtair and Rousseau have collaborated for many years, including on several projects for government containers. "Rousseau is an integral part of their contracts with the Department of National Defence and has been a valuable partner for several decades," said Jon. That's why Davtair once again turned to Rousseau for their latest project. He added that "Rousseau offers superior-quality products that exceed the highest standards and at very competitive prices."

It was first necessary to assess the storage needs and space available inside the containers. "Thanks to the modular nature of Rousseau products, you can create layouts for spaces of all shapes and sizes and maximize use of every square foot available," said Randy Peardon, a defense industry specialist at Rousseau Metal. "For Rousseau, there's a solution to every storage challenge. This allows us to offer a unique and truly tailored solution for everyone."

Once the installation was complete, the entire Davtair team appreciated the excellence of the products installed. "Our employees love the features of our container models, and they especially love the most recent container with the TekZone Hutch and its pull-down door, the sturdiest they have ever seen." It is mission accomplished once again for Davtair. The company now has a robust and value-added storage system in its shipping containers.

Jon Prober believes that "Rousseau provides its customers with market-leading, superior-quality products while guaranteeing their durability even in difficult conditions."

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