Mountain West Truck Center: Evolving through storage

Mountain West Truck Center wanted to redesign its parts warehouse as part of a larger expansion project.


Maximize warehouse storage space and set up appropriate workspaces for the manufacturing division.


Develop an efficient and scalable storage system.

Rousseau solution

Mountain West Truck Center is a heavy-goods vehicle dealer in Salt Lake City, Utah. They needed a new truck center to handle their growing business and the subject of parts storage was soon raised. As their parts department manager, Mr. Pederson, explained: "We built a new Truck Center and needed to upgrade our parts warehouse."

With primary goals of wanting to maximize use of space and planning for future expansion, the project managers at Mountain West Truck Center consulted the Rousseau specialists at Jorgenson Company. Rousseau products excel in terms of versatility, durability and scalability. Accessories can be added or removed at any time. For an expanding business like Mountain West Truck Center, versatile and modular products are essential because they allow future storage needs to be taken into consideration. Lance Jorgenson and his team quickly understood what Mountain West Truck Center needed for their storage, as Mr. Pederson explained: "They helped design and lay out our parts area to maximize the space we had available. They made it flexible for growth down the line and helped solve complicated parts storage with a unique solution."

As well as being able to grow or shrink in line with business needs, the Rousseau solution maximizes use of all available space and helps employees to quickly find items in the parts department. A combination of drawers in shelving and specialized storage was chosen by the heavy-goods vehicle dealer. The parts department manager underlined how drawers in shelving are ideal for storing small parts. And now that the warehouse is more organized, less time is spent finding parts. Employees now have much more time available to spend on more productive tasks.

Mr. Pederson was delighted with the storage solution offered by Rousseau and Jorgenson, and summed up his opinion on the product and service excellence: "It out-performs what we expected."

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