RMT Équipement: A business with the wind in its sails

As a business grows, it must find ways to remain efficient while handling greater demand. Shelving systems with drawers and workbenches are an excellent solution to this challenge. And this is exactly what RMT Équipement chose from Rousseau's product range to optimize its organization!


Maximize warehouse storage space and set up appropriate workspaces for the manufacturing division.


Use the available space to the fullest and improve the quality of production facilities.

Rousseau solution

RMT Équipement is a family business founded in 1998 that builds, installs and distributes productivity systems designed specifically for heavy equipment. Their product range includes on-board scales for loaders, highway trucks, off-highway trucks and forklifts using VEI and BRT brand systems. They also offer a complete range of conveyor belt scales and metal detectors under the SciTronics brand. Finally, RMT is particularly proud of its line of Track-Vision backup cameras for heavy machinery.

Over the last few years, with the acquisition of Balance électronique de camion (BRT) via its manufacturing subsidiary Systèmes TrackWeight, the company has witnessed a considerable increase in sales volume. To adapt to this constant growth, RMT Équipement needed to enhance its storage capacity. This is what they did in 2015 when they decided to move their headquarters and warehouse to Blainville, into facilities measuring over 6,000 ft2. With this improvement, the company has brought all of its operations under one roof.

RMT Équipement’s first challenge was the expansion of its warehouse. The company’s President, Marc-André Lefebvre, explains: “We needed more space for our stocks so we had to get some good quality shelving. That’s when we opted for Rousseau products.” To make the most of the new space, the company turned to their trusted Rousseau sales rep, Mr. Allan Adam of Les Produits d’Entreposage Pedlex Ltée. Marc-André Lefebvre relates, “Our representative came to our office and took the measurements […], then we made sure we got the right amount of shelving for the space available. He helped us maximize the number of shelving units needed and choose the right locations for them, which was very important.” The Spider® shelving system was selected to enable optimal use of RMT’s new warehouse and to ensure faster access to the products. One of the advantages of the Spider® system is that it facilitates greater productivity. As Marc-André Lefebvre affirmed, “Now, we have more space, so we can sell more merchandise, and do it faster.” Drawers in shelving completed the storage solution, so as to increase stocking capacity and thus facilitate more efficient inventory management.

Secondly, the company needed to reorganize its manufacturing division. The goal was to improve its technicians’ workspaces to make them more ergonomic. To achieve this, RMT chose Rousseau workstations, adapted to meet the specific needs of its production processes. This choice proved wise, as Rousseau workbenches and their accompanying range of accessories provide a great variety of configurations that can be personalized according to a business’s needs. From plastic bins to integrated computer supports, the company turned towards “specialized workstations for manufacturing, including lighting and shelves,” reports Marc-André Lefebvre. In other words, the storage solutions offered by Rousseau Metal fulfilled RMT’s needs, making their workspaces more ergonomic and better suited to their technicians’ work.

In addition to being sturdy and durable, Rousseau offers the option of using different colours for drawers, workbenches, cabinets and shelving, for a truly unique style. There are 20 standard colours in all, which can be arranged in a way to create a totally personalized environment. Mr. Lefebvre added, “This really modern, really sleek look of our workshop makes everyone who visits our facilities say ‘Wow!’”

In conclusion, the RMT Équipement project proved to be a success. Their representative specializing in Rousseau products, Mr. Allan Adam of Les Produits d’Entreposage Pedlex, was able to grasp what their manufacturing division needed and met their expectations in terms of both inventory storage and workspaces.

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