Smokey's Garage

Finding a striking storage solution for a personal garage can involve some very unique challenges. Finding the right vendor is essential. Read Smokey Marvelle's story.


A stunning combination of products was needed to meet the customer's needs.


Create a layout within the space available in keeping with the customer's preferences.

Rousseau Solution

Smokey Marvelle is a retired vet living near Phoenix in Arizona. He recently acquired several Rousseau products for his gorgeous garage.

Several steps are involved in purchasing workbenches, cabinets, and toolboxes for a personal garage. First, it is important to define the customer's expectations. This can present a challenge, which was the case for Mr. Marvelle: " I didn’t really understand what I was going to need," he confessed. This situation is a great example of why choosing the right dealer and tapping into their expertise is so important. Mr. Marvelle had spoken to several people before meeting his local Rousseau specialist, Mr. Steve Bankert of Doehrman Company Inc. Steve took the time to chat with Mr. Marvelle and worked with him to find the best solution. As Mr. Marvelle explains: " My local Rousseau specialist identified my needs for garage-related work and storage needs for my cars. He understood our preferences for how we wanted our cabinets and other storage to appear. He and a colleague personally came out to our residence to see the empty garage very early on, and this enabled him to better understand the space we had to work with. It also made it easier for him to better understand how I wanted the cabinetry to look. With this information he created an amazing cabinet layout."

Mr. Marvelle finally decided on a combination of toolboxes and cabinets. A corner sink that fitted into the space perfectly was also installed in the garage of this avid collector of die-cast model cars. Mr. Marvelle mentioned how the combination chosen provides great organization of space and that he can find everything he needs quickly. As he also explains: "Mr. Bankert and his team really put in every effort to meet and exceed my expectations, all in order to make me happy. The installation also went really well. After 5 hours of install, they left the garage with no debris to be found."

Functionality and aesthetics are always primary considerations with Rousseau, believing that design and overall appearance is central to the popularity of their products. Over 20 standard colors are available and colors can also be combined, which is what Mr. Marvelle eventually chose. The color choices in Smokey's garage harmonize perfectly with his cars. Rousseau provides the ability to customize products and create a garage that reflects the owner's personality.

Rousseau specialists know what is possible and can add something extra to a project. With Mr. Marvelle's project, the Rousseau specialist created a plaque specially for the customer: it read "Smokey's Garage." This was a fantastic surprise for Mr. Marvelle, "It blew me away, it really was the icing on the cake."

Rousseau offers versatile storage solutions for all applications. "It was very clear to me after speaking with other garage storage company representatives that the quality of Rousseau products was way ahead of the competition. In short, we are extremely satisfied with our Rousseau products and equally satisfied with my local Rousseau specialist from Doehrman Company Inc." admitted Mr. Smokey Marvelle.

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