These days most things you need can be found with just a few clicks on the Internet. How does this work when choosing Rousseau products?

First, you choose the product line, then the dimensions: width × depth × height. If you need a work surface, you choose the type of material you want. Need drawers? Choose the height based on what you want to store in the drawers. As for accessories, we know that an aeronautics technician does not use the same tools as an automotive technician. So, you choose just the accessories you need for your specific tasks. Whether you need to fold parachutes, package an order, repair a boat or store equipment, there is a Rousseau product designed especially for you!

If the wait for your order seems long, comfort yourself with the knowledge that your patience will be rewarded when you receive a product tailored to your requirements. And if your situation changes over the years, our products will stay with you and evolve in line with your business needs because they are compatible and harmonize with each other.

Rousseau Products

How does it all work?

First, it is important to understand our manufacturing process. Rousseau uses the "just-in-time" production model, which means that all products are manufactured to order and not kept in stock. Does this model work in a world where everything moves so quickly? It does for us because one of Rousseau's greatest strengths is its ability to customize products to the needs of each customer. The business reality of each company is different, and our reality is that we manufacture over 100,000 standard products.

Let us guide you!

Of all the purchasing steps, choosing the right product is the most important. When you choose Rousseau, you are investing in a product that will be a work colleague for many years! That's why we carefully select our distributors. We ensure that they know our products as well as we do.

How long does it take?

From the moment you contact us to when you receive your order, it could be about 20-30 days. Manufacturing may only take 10-15 business days, but there will be 1-2 days for order processing and 1-10 days for delivery, depending on the destination. For customers who have more urgent needs, some of our distributors keep Rousseau products in stock. Given the wide range of products we offer, sometimes the product requested is not available. 

Rousseau Ordering Process

What about second-hand products or factory seconds?

We are often asked if we have used products, seconds or discontinued products for sale at a discount. Although we understand the interest in this type of product, this is not part of Rousseau's business model. However, some distributors sometimes have used products available. Please contact us to find out who your local Rousseau products specialist is.

In conclusion, choosing a Rousseau product is a bit like choosing a car: you choose the model, size, accessories and the color! The big difference with a car is that if your family grows, there's a strong possibility you'll need to buy a new car. With Rousseau products, you can add accessories, components or even other Rousseau product lines to meet your growth needs. It's therefore crucial to choose the right product for you from the start: It will be working for you for many years! Contact us today for the contact details of your local distributor.

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