When you need to choose a Rousseau storage solution, it can be difficult to find the perfect product for your specific situation when there are about 100,000 standard products available. For example, if you need a mobile storage solution for your daily work tasks, there are several choices available to you: mobile versions of R toolboxes, L cabinets, Spider® shelving, workbenches, freestanding stations and MultiTek Carts. So, how can you choose the best mobile product for your situation? We'll try to answer that question in this article.


Heavy-Duty R Cabinet

Let's first take a look at our bestseller: the R toolbox. It's the strongest of all our products with a load capacity of 400lb. per drawer, and it can be used to store all your equipment in the same unit. The R cabinet is ideal for the toughest tasks in the automotive, manufacturing, mining and defense industries. By adding a suitable work surface for the tasks being performed, you have a complete workstation. By adding utility panels to the sides, you can always keep your tools within easy reach and ready to use. And with the integrated lock-in mechanism and One-Drawer-at-a-Time system for the drawers, you can move the toolbox between locations in complete safety and security.

L Compact Cabinet

The L Compact Mobile Cabinet has a unique 18" width and a load capacity of 100lb. per drawer. It's perfect for less hostile environments like hospitals, laboratories, offices and classrooms. Did you know you can join two or three L cabinet units together? By taking advantage of this option to create a toolbox 36" or 54" wide, you will find it easier to transport and store smaller parts and tools.


Spider Mobile Shelving

As for Spider® Shelving and Mini-Racking, they are a great option for transporting large quantities of equipment and bulky items safely and securely. By adding rails and hooks, you have the ideal solution for when you need to store and transport items of many different shapes and sizes. Your warehouse storekeeper will really love the ability to easily move large volumes of parts and boxes. With this option, you have a load capacity of 1,000lb. per unit.

Workstations & Freestanding Stations

Mobile workbench

The mobile versions of our workstations offer many benefits to users. For example, you can move your workbench to an installation location or transport a part to a repair station. The possibilities are further expanded with the wide choice of work surfaces available, such as laminated hardwood, plastic laminate, stainless steel and painted steel. This solution is popular in the aeronautics sector where large parts are commonplace. Mobility is also invaluable for fast reconfiguration of a workspace. Read our article to explore the different load capacities of our various mobile solutions: https://www.rousseaumetal.com/int_en/blog/whats-the-capacity-of-your-mobile-workstation/.

Mobile Freestanding Station

Mobile freestanding stations can be used in many different ways. They are compatible with our range of WM accessories and are ideal for performing a variety of tasks. The most popular accessories are spool holders, tiltable shelves and dividers, utility panels, and plastic bin panels. They boast an impressive load capacity of 1,200lb. while remaining easy to move around.

MultiTek Cart

MultiTek Cart

The MultiTek Cart is incredibly versatile. It is ergonomic, lightweight and highly durable. The 23"W and 25"W versions are just the right size to be integrated directly into workstations. Automotive technicians will love its maneuverability around cars, its protective bumpers and all the accessories that can be added. As for the 31"W version, it offers even more storage space. With a choice of two, three or four shelves, the 36"W and 48"W material handling cart is exactly what you need for easily moving loads over long distances. The maximum load capacity is 600lb. per cart and varies according to model.

Whether your primary concern is employee safety, task efficiency or having the ability to quickly reconfigure workspaces, Rousseau has a mobile solution for every requirement. For more information, please contact your nearest Rousseau product specialist.