Updated on October 22, 2018

We often receive questions about how to clean Rousseau storage solutions. What product should I use? What brush or cloth can I use? To help with this chore, we are providing our recommendations in this article.

Whether you are dealing with painted steel, laminated wood, PVC or non-PVC laminate, dissipative tops, rubber mats or aluminum handles, you can use an all-purpose cleaner available from major retailers and hardware stores. Simply follow the cleaner manufacturer's recommendations.

However, to clean stainless steel, you must use a cleaning product that's specially designed for stainless steel. These products are found in all good hardware stores.

Polycarbonate doors also require special care. The following specialist products are strongly recommended: Novus® No.1, Brillianize®, Richelieu Plastic Cleaner. You can also use a mild solution of dish soap and hot water.

We strongly recommend performing your own tests first. Start with a small area before applying the product to the whole surface.

Here are our general recommendations for cleaning Rousseau products.

Painted Steel

Avoid using an abrasive to remove stains. Avoid concentrated products like Simple Green. Use isopropyl alcohol and turpentine to remove oil stains and grease. Do not leave the cleaning solution in contact with the surface for extended periods.

Do not use a garden hose; we recommend a squeegee instead.

If the products are kept in a location where calcium is present, regular maintenance is highly recommended.

When cleaning floors, always use the recommended concentration for the cleaning solution. Ensure it does not come into contact with Rousseau products or any other metallic product.

Finally, we recommend good ventilation to remove humidity and cleaning product fumes as quickly as possible.

Painted Steel

Stainless Steel

Blow dust or dirt off the surface with compressed air before cleaning. Stainless steel tops should always be cleaned in the same direction as the grain, and not against.

Stainless Steel

Laminated Wood

Use two cloths: one to wash and one to dry the surface.

Laminated Wood

Laminate / Acrylic / PVC Laminate / Dissipative Top

For stubborn stains, use an undiluted all-purpose cleaner like Fantastik®, Formula 409®, Pine-Sol® (original formula) or another mild household cleaner. Apply product to stain and allow it to act.

Laminate Acrylic PVC

Rubber Mat (Nitrile and Neoprene)

Dry the mat well before putting back in place.

Rubber Mat

Polycarbonate Doors

Cloth should be non-abrasive, absorbent, lint-free and disposable.


Aluminium Handles

Do not use an abrasive tool to remove stains; use a soft brush.


We recommend following the manufacturer's instructions. Regular cleaning will also prolong the life of Rousseau products.

If you still need more information, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Service. They will be happy to assist you.

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