You received your Rousseau products today, hooray! After checking the overall condition and signing the shipping documents, you now have a pile of boxes in front of you…

But before you dive straight in, there are a few steps you should follow to make the assembly easier. Everything might seem easy at first, but mistakes can be hard to come back from!

Familiarize with assembly instructions

Recommendation 1

Although your order will arrive with complete instructions, we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with all installation and assembly steps before delivery by speaking with your distributor or our Customer Service, or by consulting the assembly guides and videos on our website.

Inspect packages

Recommendation 2

Inspect the packaging and check the condition of the outside of any pallets or boxes. Retain the packing slip that you'll find attached to the packaging, it is useful for subsequent checks. If you spot any signs of damage, we suggest taking photos, which you can send to Customer Service if you need an exchange or refund.

Use packing slip for verification

Recommendation 3

After unpacking the products, perform the following, using the packing slip as a guide:

  • Check package quantity: Check that the number of packages or pallets matches the packing slip.
  • Check package quality: Product condition (damage, scratches, dents, bent parts, etc.)
  • Check package quality: Product correctness (wrong product, color, size, etc.)

Proceed to assembly

Recommendation 4

If everything seems to be good after your inspection, you can proceed to assembly.

  • Locate the assembly guides (they could be with the product or in the hardware box).
  • Note that there is an assembly guide for each of the items ordered.
  • Locate the hardware required (it could be with the product or in the hardware box).


Important: Each item ordered comes with an assembly guide, and you will need all the assembly guides to assemble the final Rousseau product.

Example 1
Customer Order Example

Example 2
Customer Order Example

Example 3
Customer Order Example

Some tips to help you avoid mistakes

  • Note that the packaging may differ depending on whether your package arrives from the plant or your distributor.
  • As Rousseau products are modular and the configuration has been designed especially for you, there is not ONE predefined assembly guide for each customer. This is very different from assembly of products from major retail stores.
  • Note that you may have several separate boxes for the model you ordered.
  • Your distributor is your first point of contact for after-sales service, so don't hesitate to contact them if you need help. The Rousseau team is also available, and you can find contact details in the Contact Us section.
  • For assembly, follow the steps, use the number of people suggested and make sure your assembled product is level (use a spirit level).
  • The packaging used for Rousseau products is made from cardboard and recyclable plastic. Dispose of them in the appropriate recycling containers.

And now you are ready to enjoy your Rousseau product for many, many years!